4 Reasons Why This Is The Best Weight Loss Program You’ll Try

Working out is hard. But sometimes planning what to do is even harder. Crunches, squats, high legs… There’s sometimes just too much and it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for your workouts

We’ve all been there.

The next thing we do when faced with this situation is to go online and search for pre-made programs. You know the ones we’re talking about, Pinterest is full of them – 30 Day Squat Challenge, Easy 100 Calorie Burner workout, etc.

Even if we try some of the “professionally” made ones, they mostly require going to the gym, heavy equipment and again we’re faced with the same difficulty – we’re unsure whether we’re doing them properly and if they’re tailored to our abilities.

Although there are many pros of getting a personalized weight loss program, these are the ones you can benefit from the most.

1. Do what you can

Pre-made online plans can sometimes take a strain on your body. In case you’re having any medical issues or injuries there are most likely some exercises you’re not allowed to perform.

They can either require additional stress on your heart or put more pressure on your joints.

With personalized programs, you’ll be able to do alternative exercises that will produce the same results, without worrying about injuries.

2. Take everything into account

Knowing your height and weight cannot be enough for somebody to personalize a program to your needs.

As many more factors are taken into account, it’s not unusual for the weight loss programs to take an in-depth analysis of your current state, measuring things from your overall health, duration of period, nutrition, lifestyle and mental health.

All of these play an important role in creating a well-designed plan which will make it easier for you to follow it!

3. Don’t stress about it

According to our experience, the best benefit of having a personalized weight loss program is the fact you don’t have to think about the logistics of it.

They come with a meal plan which describes exactly what you should eat every day, supplements you should take and exercises and equipment you need to perform them!

All you have to do is check it out in advance and see what you’ll need in the future, get it and follow your plan daily.

Plans that have home workouts included are considered the best for beginners as it is sometimes hard to go to the gym.

4. Track it

An important part of a weight-loss journey is the follow-up and reevaluation of your current diet plan, workouts, and overall satisfaction continued with your ideas for the future!

Most apps that may offer these services have one-time plans which can stop being a good match for you in just a few weeks as your body changes. It’s important to find one that takes your feedback into account as it is important to know the issues you may feel along the way.


Since most of us here at Bellabeat are women, we feel your struggle. We’ve all tried different apps, programs, diets and mostly everything that’s available online and still, nothing felt just right.

That’s the reason why we decided to make it for ourselves. Our personalized weight loss programs are not something that was just created by an app, with no humans or real women behind it. It’s so much more. We know how hard it can be to follow other plans and we worked hard to create an amazing, personalized course for each one of you to become the healthiest version of yourself!

With our plan you’ll get:

  1. Daily menus
  2. Carefully chosen exercises
  3. Stretching session tutorials
  4. Information on supplements
  5. Guidance to build habits and learn how to find time for losing weight

All tailored to your goal!

Combine all that with an assortment of informative, motivational and educational articles, there’s nothing more you’ll need except your will and determination.

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